Creative Growth Centre for Spiritual Nourishment (2019–2020)

Lucas Glenn and Mat Glenn
Installation, dimensions vary.

DESCRIPTION as published by the Kelowna Art Gallery:

We’re Solarpunk because the only other options are denial or despair.
—Adam Flynn

The Rotary Courtyard gallery has been taken over by two exciting, young, local artists—Lucas and Mat Glenn. Creative Growth Centre for Spiritual Nourishment is a site specific installation that invites visitors to enter a living / working space that is self-contained and aims to sustain human life as an ‘eco-utopian’ space. Visitors are welcome to enter the room, sit, work and play—using the space as they would a scaled-down, shared co-operative work space. The work of art references the dreams of startup and DIY (do it yourself) culture and questions the actual sustainability of such ideas.